International outbound and inbound parcel processing efficiency increased using Machine Learning.

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SiftyML helps operators make decisions faster, decreasing parcel inspection from 60 to 10 seconds.


Over 90% of our automated assessments match the average operator’s final decision.


We apply software technology to solve bottlenecks:

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Outbound parcels

Normally, humans have to decide whether a parcel goes or not into the transport.

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Inbound parcels

Currently, a large team has to open every parcel to assess which parcels need a second more thorough inspection.


Our software searches for patterns in data hidden to the human eye. It uses over 20 variables from the parcel label information to deliver an assessment according to the courier’s standard operations.


Currently used by Transpheric Logistics, a customs broker agency in Mexico outsourced by FedEx and Amazon to process over 2,000 parcels daily in one airport.


Increase parcel processing e​

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